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scribblemyname – Creator Page

scribblemyname - Creator Page

See example/s of scribblemyname’s work HERE.

Have a question for the creator? Ask them HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have specific tastes/prompts when it comes to fanworks that are not particularly flexible, please feel free to speak to the creator before placing any bids (even if it appears to fit within their specified likes/interests). Additionally, if you are asking for any particular kinks, please speak to the creators first.

scribblemyname’s Offerings:

Auction Offering #1:

Organisations identified by Creator: N/A
Please note: bidders are not required to donate to the charities the creator has identified, but rather they are strongly encouraged to consider the choices and must choose from one of the charities/organisations on our list.

Type of Fanwork: Fanfiction
General likes: I tend to especially write and love character-focused fluff, angst, worldbuilding, gen, or shipfic (preferably ships I've written before). I love many science fiction or fantasy AUs, such as characters as gods, soulmates/soulbonds/soulmarks, wingfic, fusions, in space, etc. I also love canon compliant, post-canon, in between the scenes fics. Long list here:
General dislikes/triggers: • crossdressing
• genderswap
• embarrassment
• horror / surprise scares
• zombies
• vampires
• amputation / maiming / puncture wounds or gaping wounds
• mind control
• witchcraft / demon terminology
• non-canonical infidelity/cheating or other betrayal
• graphic violence or gore
Length/size: 1-15k
Fandom(s) / Character(s) and Pairing(s): Bungou Stray Dogs (anime): ADA Characters, Port Mafia Black Lizard Characters / Chuuya / Kouyou. For ships, I prefer Chuuya/Dazai, Chuuya/Dazai/Oda, Dazai/Oda, Lucy/Atsushi, Kyouka/Atsushi, and Gin/Tachihara.

K Project: Homura or Scepter 4 Main Characters, White Rice Party Characters, Ensemble. For ships, I prefer Yata/Fushimi, Kusanagi/Awashima, Homura trio, Munakata/Mikoto, Weismann/Klaudia/Kokujoji, and Kuroh/Kukuri.

MCU (pre-AOU / setting AU): Strike Team Delta (shippy or gen), Maria + Natasha, Maria/Steve.

Anything else on my linked works page is a fair game fandom (or character / ship) to request. I'm happy to do canon review if it's an older fandom and I'm actually still active in quite a few of them.
Ratings I am willing to do: G, Teen, Mature
Notes: While there are hundreds of drabbles and ficlets on my account, I am also comfortable writing 3-15K stories as the story calls for it.
Minimum Starting Bid: $5
Minimum Bid Increment: $5

Auction will start on the 23rd of FEB at 00:00:01 GMT and finish on the 29th of FEB at 23:59:59 GMT. Please be advised that bids placed before or after this period will not count and will be considered invalid.
[ what time is that for me? ]

Interested in bidding on this offering?

1. Go to the bidding spreadsheet HERE to view what the current highest bid is. Please note: it may take up to 5 minutes for bids to appear.
2. Fill out the creator’s Bidding Form HERE with a bid that is higher than the current highest bid. Make sure to keep refreshing the bidding spreadsheet in order to keep track of the highest bids, as you will not be notified if you are outbid. Only the highest bidders will receive an email after the auction ends.
Tags: creation: fan fiction, creator: scribblemyname, fandom: bungou stray dogs, fandom: k project, fandom: marvel/mcu, rating: general, rating: mature, rating: teen

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